Pascaluna Projects


Pascaluna Originals ships worldwide. Orders are usually shipped out within 2-4 business days (most ship out next day) via Canada Post, which then takes from 7-14 days, depending on location. Expidited air shipping is not available outside of Canada.

We charge a flat rate shipping of $9.00 to Canada, $10 to the United States and $20 for International shipping, no matter how large the order.

Whether you get a single figure or 6 figures, the shipping rate is always the same. Our flat rate shipping policy, and the amount we charge for shipping, is set the way it is for three reasons:

  1. It's simple and makes life easier on us and you.
  2. It rewards people who buy a lot of pieces by effectively giving you a shipping discount.
  3. It incentivises people to buy more. While we're happy to sell just one piece to you, there's virtually little profit in it.

In case you are curious (and being online shoppers, many of you are) here is a brief rundown of cost. Due to the fact that each piece requires shipping under the 'small parcel' section, due to the size and weight of the box, the minimum price is $9.00. So the price of shipping out the item does not include the materials used to ship the item. Meaning you are only required to cover the cost of the postage.

If the piece is larger in size the shipping cost will not change for the buyer, as larger pieces cost more, so we do not feel it necessary to charge extra for shipping.