Pascaluna Projects

Classic Style Dragons

These Dragons are our classic style dragons. Meaning there's no special bells and whistles, gemstones, fantasy details, additional features, just your good ol' fashion fantasy dragon.

Standard Size - 2"-3.5"

Our Standard size Dragons range between 2"-4" in size. These forever friends come in a variety of shapes, sizes, poses and accessories. From making new friends with ladybugs, to holding crystal balls, sleeping and glowing in the dark, there's no ending to what these little creatures can do.


Miniature figures listed in this section range between 1"-1.5" in size. Still showing some detail and a whole lot of cuteness these forever friends are very enjoyable to make.

Our larger projects are listed in this section. Ranging 4" or larger, these project usually contain a large amount of detail. Some will even come on bases and/or scenic additions to help make them quite the sight to behold.