Pascaluna Projects

Custom Requests


Hello, thank you so much for inquiring about a custom ordered Pascaluna Beastie!

This is how my custom ordering process works:

Currently I do not have an ongoing waiting list for my custom sculptures, this is due to the large number of requests I receive. I have found that it is best for all to work on a limited amount of orders at one time.

This varies depending on how much time I must devote to each custom order. Custom work is very labor, and skill intensive and I want to be sure to devote my very best effort to each custom order, I can only work on a very limited amount at a time.

When I’m able to take on new custom orders I will announce the date and time they will open through my email newsletter first. Click here if you'd like to sign up:

At least one spot will be given priority to a subscriber to my mailing list. I will post on my Facebook page that I will begin reserving spots for custom orders.

Here is what you will need to do if you’d like to secure a spot for a custom sculpture when I am open for new orders:

Please send me an email at within 24 hours of the date and time stated. Exactly 24 hours after the time I will begin to compile the list of names from the emails and randomly select the number of names for the number of custom sculptures I will be able to do.

Please include in your message, your email address, a photo of the animal you would like sculpted as well as its style, and the country you live in (for shipping estimate purposes).

This information is used to quote you a price as well as to do the work on your sculpture.

Standard size - Traditional style (3 - 3.5 inches) Pricing starts at $50.00 for solid color Most facial markings and leg markings like horns, ears, wings, short coated, scales (like horses and some dog breeds) animals and goes up depending on pose, coat length, and color complexity (to be determined by me from a photo you send)

Standard size - Hybrid style (3 - 3.5 inches) Pricing starts at $100 for solid color (Excluding Most facial markings and horns, markings, blaze, are included), short coated (like horses, smooth coated cats, and Dog breeds) animals and goes up depending on pose, coat length, and color complexity (to be determined by me from a photo you send)

***What's the difference between Traditional and Hybrid style?***

Traditional is based on the Original Pascaluna Dragon, made entirely out of colored clay, with hand painted eyes in your choice of color, all poses available with at least 2 legs on the ground, but a more simplified, cartoon version than the more elaborate and realistic Hybrid style.

Hybrid style features fully articulated legs in more complex poses (running, flying, stretching, etc.), is entirely hand sculpted and hand painted from artist quality clay, paints, and pigments, and has a very delicate and detailed face body, wings ect...

The base price does not include shipping, shipping for one animal to the US is $10, Canada $9, International $20. Please contact me for an exact shipping quote for more than one sculpture.

Basic pose options are standing, sitting, lying down, holding its tail. But within those three choices are numerous other variations. I'm open to sculpt any type of pose.

Payment is required before I begin work on your sculpture. I will send you a message in the beginning of the month your order is scheduled for to let you know I will be sending you an invoice through Paypal, or if you are an International customer I will send you an Etsy shop link.

For each month I will work on custom sculptures in the order their invoices have been paid.

***If you haven't paid your invoice by the 20th of the month you are scheduled in I will not be able to hold your spot any longer and will remove you from my order list. Work will not begin on your sculpture until your invoice has been paid. ***

And please, feel free to send me a message at any time with questions you might have. But please keep in mind that I do receive many messages, so it may take me a while to get back in touch with you, although I try to answer as quickly as possible.

Thank you,
Selena *Pascaluna*