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About Us

Pascaluna Originals is an online, personally owned and operated store, dedicated to selling the coolest Handcrafted Polymer Clay figurines.

You can contact us via email at:

Twitter: @jellybonkerz

Yes we are on Twitter, and we tweet from time to time. Mostly for notices about what's going on in the store, but occasionally about general related stuff as well.



Facebook: Pascaluna

Come over and Like Pascaluna Originals on Facebook and... you know... do whatever the heck it is people do at Facebook. Except we never went to high school with you, nor are we in a relationship so there's no point in hanging out and waiting for our status to change to Complicated so you can make your move. But please stalk us there anyway.

We hold Facebook only auctions from time to time as well as peroidically update picture of current projects that our being worked on, as well as sporadic Give-a-ways and contest updates.


This is where you will find all things Pascaluna currently for purchase. They will be broken up into catagories, but can be viewed as a whole as well. any promotional pieces that do not sell during their limited time on Facebook will end up on ETSY for anyone to purchase, as well we will periodically offer discount coupon codes and other sales, as well as offer a clearance section from time to time to help some of our older pieces find their forever home.

We here at Pascaluna Originals are an independant, out of house business of a husband and wife team. We started as a hobby business on eBay back in 2004 as a yard sale style store. Pick up some rare find and offer it to the masses. As time went on we wanted to really define ourselves.

From there we really wanted to start personalizing our brand. With Selena as the talented artist and husband Josh as a computer nerd we started offering Selena's artistic talents in drawing and computer graphics. That lasts a few years but still didn't seem like the right fit.

Then one day, back around the holiday season of 2013, Selena picked up a block of clay and let her imagination run wild. Within just a few short months she turned her creative talents from beginner to sale worthy, with her contact need to learn and grow. She is everyday watching tutorials, reading different techniques and is rarily seen around the house without a piece of clay in her hand. It has become her dream, her passion and her desire to create the most beautiful Polymer Clay pieces that you, our friends, want to display in your homes.

So if you have anything you'd like to see or that you'd like to see us do differently, please email us and let us know!